Trawers ALift

Check our spreader beams that allow you to lift and transport items up to 30, 60 and 120 tons.

Trawers ALift


  • Design and manufacture of spreader beams, frames, traverse as per individual requirements.
  • Verification of work organisation plan, raising and its optimisation in order to minimize expenses and increase safety of raised elements.
  • As and when required, possibility of serving handling each raising operation director on the assembly site with the assistance of an experienced engineer, who will take care of the smooth, correct course and most importantly safety of each task involving the use of our product.
  • In a situation of a long-term traverse, we offer support with respect to service and periodical review by a licenced inspector.


Andaron Sp. z o.o. offers short and long-term term of modular spreader beams (modular traverse) from A-Lift in Poland and in the EU countries. Rental services ensure quick and mobile delivery to the site! We ensure reliable evaluations and professional consulting with respect to the choice of spreader beams (modular traverses) from A-Lift. When you need specialist equipment … …rental is your best option! Advantages:

  • No purchase or sale expenses,
  • Flexible time of hardware use,
  • Limitation of stocks and warehousing expenses,
  • Equipment is easy to obtain
  • Problem-free operation,
  • Easy cost management


Our products have been designed and manufactured in consideration of the highest norms and standards, which is confirmed by the received certificates. We make sure that our structures are of superior quality, thanks to which we are certain that they are safe and durable during the exploitation.


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Technical and Trade Consulting
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Technical and Trade Consulting
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Arkadiusz Szwej
T: +48 513 00 69 68

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