Trawers ALift

Check our spreader beams that allow you to lift and transport items up to 30, 60, 120, 200 and 400 tons.

Trawers ALift

About us

    We are a rapidly growing company focused on innovation and development.

    We offer design, engineering and production of modular spreader beams, frames, traverses, lifting points and solutions tailored to individual customer requirements. Our company also deals with the verification of projects, method statements and optimization of lifting plans in order to minimize costs and increase the safety of lifted elements.

    Our experienced engineers are available to handle any lifting operation directly on site. We ensure the smooth and safe course of every task in which our products are involved.

    Our company’s priority is to ensure maximum productivity, reliability and safety when using our products. We know that these factors are key to creating lasting value and maintaining competitiveness in the market.

    That’s why our products undergo rigorous stress testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. All of them are subjected to various load scenarios that test their durability and performance. This allows us to ensure our customers that they can safely and reliably meet their expectations.

    We always deliver our products with appropriate certificates, manuals for use and documentation. This means that they are fully compliant with safety standards and regulations, giving our customers additional confidence that they can use our products safely.

    We operate in accordance with the highest standards of quality and reliability because we know that satisfied customers are the key to the success of our company. Thanks to our commitment to ensuring maximum productivity, reliability and safety of our products, our customers can be confident that when they choose ANDARON and A-LIFT products, they are making the best decision for their business.


ANDARON offers short-term and long-term rental services of A-LIFT modular spreader beams in Poland and EU countries.

In the case of long-term rental, we also offer assistance in the field of service and regular inspections, which are performed by a person with appropriate qualifications. We are ready to provide full technical support throughout the entire rental period.

We guarantee accurate estimates and professional advice in selecting the appropriate configuration of A-LIFT beams.


Our products have been designed and manufactured in consideration of the highest norms and standards, which is confirmed by the received certificates. We make sure that our structures are of superior quality, thanks to which we are certain that they are safe and durable during the exploitation.


ANDARON Sp. z o.o.
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42-530 Dąbrowa Górnicza
NIP: 676 251 41 72
Technical and Trade Consulting
Arkadiusz Szwej
T: +48 513 00 69 68
Project manager
Konrad Mrozek
T: +48 691 095 512
Sales department
Aleksandra Solata
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